Chain Dazey was formed shortly after Jake Rezny dropped out of collage and spent a good amount of time isolated in his bedroom writing and recording songs for a project that would later become Chain Dazey. During the midst of this rapid songwriting spree Rezny sought out bass player and audio whiz Jimmy Hayze through a timely post on Craigslist. Jake and Jimmy began improvising, recording demos, and playing out live wherever they could with newly found Drummer Sam Wasik.


 In 2017 Chain Dazey crafted their debut album titled "Rawhyde" at Sabella Studios in Roslyn Heights, New York, where in just five days managed to track and mix the entire 12 track LP. The album was titled Rawhyde due to the authentic way in which it was recorded as well as the consistent referencing of canine throughout the LP. The album title being a misspelling of the correct term "Rawhide" is an illustration of the bands apathy toward common practices and illiteracy.


Chain Dazey's sound has been compared to 90's Grunge and Post Punk groups and has been referred to as Power Pop.


Chain Dazey is currently unsigned and releases music independently.